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The Relationship Between Music and Exercise – Does Music Motivate You?

The Relationship Between Music and Exercise – Does Music Motivate You?

For some people, if they arrived at the gym and the music system was down, they will not have their best exercise. This is especially so if you are used to listening to music while you exercise. To most people, music inspires them as they exercise to the beats of the music.

Do you get exercise and feel like you should do more when your favorite music plays? Does slow music help you relax? From helping you relax and focus on motivating you to work harder, there are so many advantages of music when one is working out. Below are just a few:

Reduce the Feeling of Fatigue

When you are listening to music, your brain switches from focusing on the sensation of fatigue and instead focus on exercise. This is especially so when you are doing lower-intensity exercise. The distraction varies where some people might be distracted better than others as the fitness level of different people plays a role. However, music can help you push harder at the gym.

When you immerse your mind into the feeling of the music, you exercise harder.  

Music Arouses Your Brain

When music arouses the mind, you will have an increased state of energy. The music psyches you up making you perform better. There is a relationship between the auditory and the motor neurons which means that whatever you heat impacts how your body reacts.

Some forms of music are better at arousing the brain than others. However, it depends on the genre of music you prefer. If you love hard rock, you might be more aroused when hard rock plays. If you are into yoga and concentration exercises, slow music is the best. If you are at the range, the right ammo can make all the difference but music can make you concentrate better. When you combine the two and then get the right barrel choices for your 300 blackout, you will aim better and go home happier for the success.

Enhance Motor Coordination

When you play music, you will have a better motor and movement coordination. In most cases, you will tend to move to the beat of the music. If you are doing aerobics, you can work out for longer if you dance to the beat of the music. When you follow the beats, your self-confidence increases, and you associate exercise with a positive experience.

Relaxation and Music

If you work out while listening to music, you will experience less fatigue. According to research, the acidosis and the elevated levels of a hormone which cause fatigue are dampened when music plays. This way, you will exercise better and you will feel less fatigued after the exercise. Classical music and other forms of relaxation music are better at dampening the effects of fatigue.

What Affects Exercise in Music

When the music plays, speed and tempo are what affect your exercise more. You will engage in high-intensity exercise if you listen to high-speed songs. You start working out with slower songs and then increase the speed as you continue. If you are into relaxation exercise, slower music at around 100 BMP will be ideal for you. If you are weightlifting or doing general cardio, you can play the music that is between 128 and 135 bpm. For a warm-up, you can play the music that is between 120 and 126 bpm.

Fatigue vs Pain

While music can dampen fatigue and allow you to work harder at the gym, music will not dampen pain. If you feel a sharp, stabbing pain in any of your muscles, you need to consult a doctor for a checkup. If you are completely exhausted, you should take a rest or consult a medical professional for help.


When you are inspired, you are likely to exercise more and achieve your exercise goals fast. You can choose music based on the type of exercise you need. If you are looking to build muscles, hip hop, and rock might inspire you better. If you are relaxing in yoga and you need to concentrate, you can take the slowest music you can get.

It is best to create a workout playlist before you start exercising if you work out at home. If you work out at a public gym, you can only request the music you need and hope that other gym members will love your choices. However, some instructors already know the music to play for different groups.

The Harmonious Relationship Between Painting and Music

The Harmonious Relationship Between Painting and Music

For a long time, music has dictated the development of visual art. Again, visual arts have spiked the creativity in musicians, making them create colorful tunes and melodies.

Music and visual art might be viewed as different forms of art, but they co-exist with each strengthening the other. While two artists (say a musician and a painter) might have different goals they are trying to achieve, they may only be doing it from different sides of the same coin.

Our predispositions determine our creativity. When a musician experiences different smells, colors, and lighting, it brings out a different feeling. The feeling from work of art can evoke a sensory experience that influences their music-making process. This is the same as a painter. When they experience different tunes and voices, they get extra energy that may influence how they choose colors. If a painter listens to music as they paint, they can create unique brush tangos on the canvas.

Hearing Color

Some artists claim to hear color whenever a song plays. This is common with abstract artists whose work is influenced not by what they see but what they feel. Different genres of music produce different effects. Genres such as country, opera, heavy metal, rap, and jazz are heavily influenced by visual art genres like graffiti, murals, impressionism, installations, folk, renaissance, and abstract expressionism. As long as an artist has a paint sprayer with a regulated flow rate, they are good to start drawing inspiration.

Visual art has been a part of music for as long as music has existed. Jackson Pollock, and abstract expressionist of the early 1900s, created his drip paintings with inspiration from jazz. Today, some musicians are in art, although they may not have created pieces that will last generation. An excellent example of a contemporary musician who is in music and painting is Chris Brown, an American RnB singer. When he is not working on his music, Chris is painting. Sometimes he does both. According to him, he draws inspiration for music from art as he draws art inspiration from music.

There are so many terms shared by visual art and music. Words such as repetition, intensity, variety, rhythm, balance, texture, form, line, and harmony are seen in both music and visual art. For instance, in visual art, texture refers to the thickness and roughness of the canvas and the colors, while texture in music refers to the audible quality of an instrument or a voice.

Wassily Kandinsky Explains it in His Book

Wassily Kandinsky was a Russian artist who lived between 1866 and 1944. In his book, Concerning the Spiritual in Art, he explains that colors and textures on paintings evoke emotions the same way tunes in music do. According to him, music is the audio version of visual art, while visual art is a frozen form of music. 

He further continued to compare music with visual art by explaining how different colors relate to music. For instance, black to him meant utter silence while flamboyant colors such as blue, red, and yellow point to sounds from instruments such as a saxophone or trumpet.

Art historians and cognitive scientists believe that Kandinsky was different. They suppose that he had Chromesthesia, which is a neurological condition where one associates specific sounds with specific colors. Unlike everyone else, synesthete (as this group of people is referred) has secondary senses that associate a pitch or timbre with sound. This is why silence made Kandinsky see black.

Many other artists share the same view as Kandinsky; music is color. Phillip Schreibman, a New York artist, creates paintings that are visual expressions of music. Another artist, Carol Stem from New York, believes that music inspires her work. In 2003, Carol created the painting “Runs off in Front,” which was inspired by music from the empty canvas to the completed piece. 

When Carol gave an interview on her painting, she said that she experienced colorful photism while listening to the song Adouma by Santana. She saw colors of light, and with each stroke, she created colors moving around the canvas.

Evolution in Visual Art and Music

Music has evolved a big deal, and so has visual art. Upcoming artists have come up with new techniques of creating music, and visual art and technology have helped in the evolution. Even with evolution, synesthetic artists like Kandinsky are still prevalent. While it is not possible to tell to what extent pitch and timbre influences their work, the truth remains that music is a part of their work.

In the future, it would help the art community if the relationship between music and visual art is explored.


Visual art and music are allies. Some artists do both music and art, while others are inspired by one to do the other. Musicians get the inspiration to create new music and replenish their creative mojo with art. Visual artists, on the other hand, either get inspiration or hear colors and with each stroke, they create music in physical form. Even visual artists who do portraits still get inspired by listening to music. Away from painting, they listen to music to calm their minds as they think of the next picture. Musicians, on the other hand, take visual art as an escape and a way to think of the next phase in their music. In late 2019, platinum-selling British artist Ed Sheeran said he discovered calmness and creativity in painting before he went on a sabbatical.

Why Should Some Establishments Play Music In Toilet Rooms?

Why Should Some Establishments Play Music In Toilet Rooms?

One of the most important things that every customer looks in a hotel or a mall is the kind of service they provide and establishments like hotels and malls must make sure that the customers are happy with their services. No business can survive for a long time if it is not able to make its customers happy. There are many things that an establishment can do to satisfy their customers and one of them is playing music in the toilet rooms.

Most of people judge the quality of the hotel or mall by the quality of their bathrooms and it is also important to ensure quality of toilet needs. So here are some reasons why some establishments should play music in their toilet rooms and how it can help set the vibe of the establishment.

1- Makes Them Fresh

This is one of the main reasons to play music in toilet rooms. Music helps in relaxation and it also relieves from stress and anxiety and while choosing music, choose the type that your customers would like, not what you want to hear. Apart from making them feel fresh, music is also useful to make customers feel comfortable in the toilet rooms.

2- Builds Connection

Music helps in engaging people and it also helps in building a connection. Not all of the hotels and malls play music in their toilet room so if you do it, then it develops a relationship between the customer and the place. Good music helps in building a connection. Another benefit of music is that 60% of people consume more food and drinks if they hear their music that they like.

3- Familiar Feeling

Most people do not get comfortable when visiting a hotel for the first and music is a great way to make them comfortable with the place. Silence in any hotel makes the full vibe of the hotel depressed and music helps in spreading the positive energy.

60 % of the people are more likely to visit the same hotels where they feel secure and comfortable, so if you can make them familiar with the place, and you can do that by playing music in the bathrooms. It can be very useful because the condition of the bathroom tells a lot about the quality of the establishment.

4- Increases the Ambiance

No matter how great you have decorated your establishments, music will enhance the overall ambiance of the place. Playing music in toilet rooms can help in setting the mood of energy and romance and music also gives exotic feeling to the customers.


These were some of the reasons why establishments like hotels and malls should play music in toilet rooms. One thing that every establishment should keep in mind is that they must play appropriate music depending on what the establishment is. Customers are more likely to go where they feel they are getting more value and good services. Another thing is that people get bore of the same things, so improvising your services with time is very important.

Why You Should Listen To Music While In The Shower

Why You Should Listen To Music While In The Shower

Listening to music while in the shower is a great exercise that relaxes your body and brain. This is so because during this time we are dedicating all our energy to pampering our body. Thus, the essence of this article will focus on the benefits of listening to music in the shower.

What Are The Benefits Of Listening To Music While In The Shower?
Stress reliever. After a tough day, listening to music will leave you relaxed and stress-free throughout the day.
Boosts the immune system. Singing and listening to music will generally boost your immune system. The brain usually releases the hormone responsible for happiness.
Source of positive energy. Through combating water and music, it acts as a source of positive energy. It improves the ability of one to remember things. The scientists have proven that listening to music stimulates the neurons abstracting the reasoning. As a result, one becomes smarter.
Body-mind connection. During showering, you are entirely alone. As such, it is easy to connect your mind and body.
Boost your mood. Playing music while in the shower will assist you better your mood.
Boost self- confidence. Singing and listening to songs while showering will boost your self-confidence. It is possible to increase the volume of your voice without even realizing it.
Improves breathing ability. For one to sing the song throughout, one has to breathe from your stomach. Additionally, it assists to re-educate without putting much effort.
Helps one in getting ready in the morning. Listening to music in the shower will help you get ready quickly in during morning hours.
Maintains a healthy heart. Shower music has the same effect as a breathing exercise. It relaxes our muscles and relaxes our whole being. Through such movements, the blood is oxygenated and hence a healthy heart.
Can relieve back pain. While singing, one needs to be standing in a good poster that relaxes your shoulder muscles and neck. As we listen to music in the shower, we also sing. As we sing, the spine relaxes and allows our back to enjoying the melody.

Best Shower Essential
Enjoying great music while in the shower, some primary shower effects need to be in place. Currently, there are several best flushing toilet in the market. You may also want to look for the best shower heads, curtain, and mirror. You can check out for the best ones in the market nowadays.

Top Recommended Shower Music To Listen To
Pop music. It facilitates personal by and boosts confidence
Salsa music. This kind of music releases stresses and hence promote mental health.
Reggae music. It helps the body to relax.
Classical music. If you need to develop new ideas, this is the best music to listen to. It boosts creativity.

Best Time To Listen To Music In The Shower
There are different views on the best time to listen to music in the shower. Some suggest evening while others morning hours. At night: during this time you have a lot of free time. It is, therefore, possible to enjoy music without time pressure. As such, your body will receive maximum relaxation that it needs for good night sleep. In the morning: at this time, your brain will be fully woken up ready for a new day. It is a lot more beneficial compared to night shower music. In spite of such advantages, it has a time limit.

What Makes Ping Pong A Great Hobby For Musicians

What Makes Ping Pong A Great Hobby For Musicians

Table tennis which is also called ping pong is famous all around the world. It has been Olympic sport since 1988. Ping pong is great sport to play and enjoy for all the people, today we are going to focus in special group, musicians. Why is ping pong so great hobby for musicians?
Ping Pong is Great for Health and Benefit Musical Career

  1. Stress release
    As we all know, the musicians deal with high stress due to the pressure coming from fans, managers, publicity and creativity. Ping pong is great game for reducing the stress levels and giving some free time for the mind. Stress is one of the biggest health problems causing multiple diseases as a result which are hard to recognize. Having a hobby for keeping stress away can help in achieving long career.
  2. Energy
    Playing ping pong gets your whole body moving which increases the blood circulation and help the musicians to create and think clearly. It increases the energy levels which are hard to keep up during the hectic life of musician
  3. Motor Skills and Reflex
    The great part in ping pong is, you can always get more speed and accuracy in it When you increase the speed and accuracy all the time, as a result you start to improve your motor skills and reflexes and speed. These are crucial skills for musician in playing the instruments and staying focused during the long songs.
  4. Speed and Focus
    Same time as your speed increases while playing the ping pong, you learn to focus and keep the touch in the game. It improves your ability to stay focused while playing high-speed rhythms with various instruments.

Other Great Things and Benefits in Ping Pong
Ping pong is affordable and such an inexpensive obby. You can start it by only buying the ping pong ball and the small rackets used in the game. Then you can add later the ping pong table and even the ping pong robot when you truly get excited. Even the ping pong robots cost you only few hundreds which a low price is comparing to many other sports. Great thing in ping pong robot is, you can play and practice alone after buying it Musician can even play it in home with or without friends which makes it easy to do during free time. You can use it when you want to be alone or when you want to have something to do with your friends. Ping pong is a great work out as well and can help you in keeping your body in shape.

How do I Start Ping Pong?
You can find lots of places to find the first equipment needed to start getting familiar with ping pong. You can go to local sport shop near you as most of them has the ping pong rackets and balls. Good way to start getting familiar with ping pong. You can order from internet and find much more option for different price levels. In Internet you can also find all the equipment like ping pong robots.

Get You Musician Career to Next Level with Ping Pong
Ping pong with all the benefits might be the thing you need to take your musical career to the next level or keep it in balance if you are already in full speed. Ping pong is the hobby which helps you maintain long and fruitful career.

Steamers and Irons To Buy For Frequent Concert-Goers

Steamers and Irons To Buy For Frequent Concert-Goers

Enjoying the life you live is very important for your health. Whether you are an employee, employer or student, you definitely need some time out to relax your mind. Relaxing after a busy day or on vacations builds strength and determination in the corning days by giving you an opportunity of planning for the future and perhaps correcting on where you went wrong. Attending concerts is one of the main activities that people like taking part in especially after work. Apparently, youths are the main people that like attending concerts mainly for recreational purposes and socializing. However, the dressing mode matters a lot for those who wish to attend a concert. Being presentable is the thing that everyone will ensure they attain.

Concerts are usually attended by a majority of individuals and therefore no one would wish to appear as the odd one out with ugly clothes. Days before the main event takes place, attendees usually invest a lot in preparing for such an awesome day. Excitement is the main thing takes the center of all their activities. Any concert-goer perhaps needs have a steamer or an iron box of their own. The reason for having such devices is very obvious, to straighten the clothes. People have different perspectives when it comes to selecting such tools. Some will choose steamers while others will choose irons. However, there are some criteria that concertgoers need to consider when buying steamers or irons.

First and foremost, always consider the number of steam holes that your steamer has The number of holes is usually directly proportional to the steam produced. This means that more steam makes ironing quicker and easier The distribution of the steam holes should also be uniform all around the sole plate. The weight of the iron also matters a lot. Always consider choosing a slightly heavier iron box than the one that is light. A heavier one will remove creases on clothes easily without exposing your clothes to much heat which may even burn them.

Moreover, steamers and irons that have clear water tanks are the most preferred simply because they will always allow you to see the water levels and top up when need be during the process. Nevertheless, consider acquiring steamers and irons that are fitted with limestone filters. In most occasions, tap water will contain salts which when steamed on your clothes, they will appear dull. Apparently, they can coat the iron and make it less efficient.

Steam-fast-steamer is the most suitable steaming device that will sufficiently straighten your concert clothes but if you like it more than the iron then feel free to go for it. However, both the garment steamer and iron can help make your clothes look presentable and admirable.

The generic travel iron is one of the best portable irons that you always carry whenever you are traveling to a concert that is far away. Select this product if you plan on bringing it when you travel. In conclusion, just pay more attention to making your clothes appealing because they will boost your confidence while in a company of new friends.

Best Music Night Out For Ping-Pong Players

Best Music Night Out For Ping-Pong Players

Ping-Pong players have a host of places to choose from especially if they want to dance the night away in a style. For instance, there are plenty of bars in London where they meet to enjoy the best music, get a chance to meet new friends and prepare for tournaments. This post looks at the top places where Ping-Pong players can get the fun and excitement from music night out in London.

Cardiff Folk

This is the only place where Ping-Pong players visit not just to enjoy live music, but also have a chance to know the story behind the songs they listen to. It is a nice place that is always packed with talented people who are always ready to not just sing beautiful songs but explain the motivation behind each of them. Ping pong players have a chance to learn the meaning of each song played and, the art of crafting and writing songs.

Book Club

It is a club of choice for people looking for a ping-pong action in London. The player can get to buying recommended stuff for ping pong there. The club features cool music and has a table that is mostly used by Ping-Pong players as they enjoy their night music. It is known for hosting Ping-Pong player parties and is quite lively.


It is the latest venture in London that is favorite to ping-pong players. It has communal tables, which are used on first come first serve basis. It serves cocktail pizza and is one of the places you should consider visiting at the weekend, dance and enjoy music throughout the night.


The club has some historical edge. It is situated at the site where ping-pong game was invented and is frequented by Ping-Pong players looking for a quiet place, where they can enjoy their gin as they listen and dance to music throughout the night. It is preferred by ping-pong players and has hosted several Christmas parties. It has private rooms with tables for Ping-Pong players looking for a place that is cool and spacious.

Rich Mix Arts Center

It offers the best ping pong choice for Londoners. It is ideal for parties and hosts bi-monthly ping pong occasions. The place is highly organized and decorated with fancy themes, tables, and live music. It offers ping-pong players an ideal venue when looking for the best music night out. It is certainly the place to choose for people looking for a place to play either silly mixed doubles or serious singles.

The Gee club

It is a simple premise with speakers that inspire the audience. It is preferred by ping-pong players interested in a place where they can enjoy their night out. The place serves free drinks to a few people who are the first to arrive and has several other prices that are won by players.

10 Feet Tall

It attracts many ping pong players who come to enjoy their night tour every Tuesday. It provides table tennis facilities for practice and is certainly one of the places that are frequented by ping-pong players preparing for a big tournament.




Comfortable Clothes To Wear in Concerts

Comfortable Clothes To Wear in Concerts

Just as your mood is cheerful and vibrant, so should your clothes. Choose bright rainbow colors, black leather jackets and lots of Chinese shorts. Online shopping is a great success in the current fashion world and offers the best trends from a single source. Here are some ways to meet the style quotient at the next concert:

Printed denim shorts for men
A key code that lives a fashion enthusiast is denim. You can never have too many pieces of denim in your closet, and that’s a golden rule in the style dictionary. So why not take the trend to a whole new level? We’re talking about denim printed shorts for men, dotted with micro prints and elegant patterns for a cool look of downtime. Enjoy the set with sticks and cargo pants, and you’re done! The denim can also be combined with moccasins or espadrilles in striped or Aztec patterns. A concert is the best place to test your fashion skills!

Derby Hats
Hats can add this extra wow factor to your music concert look. A denim shirt with white trousers and great aviators is ready for celebrities, even wearing a derby hat. Combine it with ripped black jeans when the music is heavy metal, or wear jogging pants for a casual, relaxed atmosphere.

Shirts of the motto
What good is a concert if you do not have a motto or slogan with the inscription that bears the name of the band in elegant golden letters! Slogan T-shirts are an integral part of your out-of-service outfits. Choose black colors or other dark colors that express the current state of your mind so brilliantly. Statement T-shirts allow your friends and your favorite musician to know that you could not be at a more modern or better place. With a modern, lightweight jacket and simple denim, you can balance bold colors or graphic details. Dress in kickass sneakers in white and red.

While dressing for a music concert, it’s important to be both simple and great at the same time. Buy Chinese online shorts that go well with denim jackets, or invest in good men’s swimsuits if you want to go to the pool party later after the concert. Concerts and open-air festivals: Outdoor shows and other outdoor music programs require a variety of dresses and accessories from the stadium concerts. Fans should be prepared with more comfortable and rougher shoes as the terrain can be unpredictable or dirty. Layered clothing such as a T-shirt, a thin sweatshirt, and a slightly heavier coat can help you adjust to temperature changes throughout the day. A large bag, such as a backpack or messenger, is useful for carrying extra layers, extra socks, rain poncho, water, and other important items. A style is less important to outdoor shows than general comfort, so most accessories, such as large jewelry, can stay at home.

Small Shows: Independent festivals in small clubs give viewers the opportunity to be close and personal. The style can be especially valued at these parties, especially the hardcore fans of the band. Attendees can still wear comfortable and basic clothing, such as black T-shirts, jeans, and his shoes, but they should look good and be stylish. The additions and cosmetic choices are tailored to the character’s character, which can help to make a rocker follow him as a follower.

It does not matter where you are with Hawaiian clothes Walmart, some non-true rock festivals are to put on a thread that plays the same performer, to wear pressed pants or other beautiful items, or to put on uncomfortable shoes. The rock outfits have to be modern, combined and in tune with the theme of the band on the show.