Benefits of Singing inside the Toilet

Singing in the toilet should be encouraged because it comes with a host of benefits to the body. It relieves stress, lowers body blood pressure, strengthens muscles and boosts your memory. It also improves your immunity and boosts your memory.

Relieves One from Stress

Singing a song while feeling flow of water from the faucet or shower on your body decreases the stress level. It helps the lungs to exercise since it requires that you inhale more oxygen to enable you to sing. If this is done repeatedly, it reduces the stress level. In fact, this technique is used by therapists to help the patients to relax.

It Lowers Blood Pressure

When there is too much cortisol in your body, it elevates blood pressure levels. When this happens, it causes body inflammation and may lead to serious illnesses such as type2 diabetes and stroke. However, when you sing you reduce the level of cortisol hormone in your body and helps to maintain the level of blood pressure.

Makes the Muscles Strong

If you can sing from the diaphragm, you strengthen your abdomen and back muscles. This is good for your health.

It Boosts Your Memory

Before you sing any song, it is important that you memorize it. This is important since it helps to keep the brain working and boost your memory.

Improves Immunity

The low level of cortisol reduces blood pressure and makes the immune system to function properly.

Reduces Pain

Singing helps to release dopamine and oxytocin, as a result, it reduces pain because it makes the brain to produce happy hormones.

For Entertainment

When you sing inside the toilet, you entertain yourself, makes your sound to feel better and enables you to feel nice. Your voice bounces forth and back around the room. Because the toilet is a small place, it adds a little base or increases your pitch and makes the song more powerful. Your voice sounds better and it boosts your confidence.

Singing helps to release the inner energies locked up in the body. When one sings inside the toilet he does not worry about who is listening to his song. So no one will find fault in the song. It is the only time you are alone in a safe environment. At this point, the brain becomes active and releases dopamine that jump-starts your creativity.

When you sing inside the toilet while your are washing your hands through good buy of sink faucet, it makes the spirit to soar and enables the body to relax especially if you have made a good decision in choosing furnace for your bathroom. This is important since it helps you to live longer. In fact, it reduces heart diseases and helps to improve heart function. Also, it improves the immune system and helps you to start your day on a good note. Crooning in the toilet after a tiring day distracts your mind from negative thoughts, increases self-esteem, self-awareness and focus your memory. It focuses your mind and helps you feel great.

Now that you’ve known the great benefits you get when you sing, you should memorize a few songs and seize any opportunity including when you are in the toilet and sing at least one song. This way, you will enhance your well-being and lead a better life.

<h2>Randy Thomas<h2>

Randy Thomas

Published Date: March 15, 2017

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