Photoshoot for Night Bands

Photoshoots are important because they help to promote your brand. Night bands can also take photoshoot for promotional purposes. However, it is important that you achieve a correct exposure if you are looking forward to the best photos. Also, you must prepare well if you want to get the best pictures. The following are tips you may use when planning to a photo shoot for night bands.

Meet the Band

It is important that you meet the band, listen and feel their music. Discuss with them and rehearse by shooting one of their performance. Let them review your pictures and listen to their comments. This will help you identify the style of pictures they want, why they want the pictures and where they want to use them. Ask them whether they will use the pictures as a cd cover or on their website.


Ask the band if they have identified the location for the photo shoots. If they don’t have one in mind, scout for the best location. Ask your friends, and family members if they have a place in mind. Alternatively, think about the concert venues. If the band is comfortable with the concert venue, evaluate to see if it is ideal for photo shoots at night.

Once you find a suitable location, you need to take some snapshots at the same venue at different angles to help you figure out the challenges you are likely to encounter on a material day. Rehearse well and identify strategic places to position yourself when taking the photos. Let the band disclose to you the clothes they will be wearing and try to get a sample to match the style and the location of the shoot.

Make a list of pictures that you intend to take on the material day. Look at the time; the number of hours they will take performing and plan appropriately. Plan to have enough sets so that you have some time left for improvisation. Take your time in between the sets to ensure that you don’t miss important things like positioning and lighting.

Arrange For a Meeting

As soon as you sort out everything in terms of photo sets, meet the band members and explain to them what will happen on that day. When you give a detailed explanation, it will save time and allow you to focus on picture taking. Meet the band at the venue before the starting time and make last minutes adjustments. However, the changes should be minimal.

What to Do When Shooting

When you start shooting, look for nice opportunities. If you have a second shooter, it can help you to take pictures at strategic positions and allow you to select the best photos. It is best to get the right tripod that you can adjust so it can reach the maximum height with its leg extension

Ensure that you utilize time well. If you have 60 minutes, make most out of each minute. Once you are through, select the best 10 pictures and let the band members see them and always bring a laptop so you can edit anywhere you go. Showing them too many pictures at this point may affect their perception of your work. After all, you will finally send them the CD or DVD with all the pictures.



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Randy Thomas

Published Date: April 24, 2017

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