The Relationship Between Music and Exercise – Does Music Motivate You?

For some people, if they arrived at the gym and the music system was down, they will not have their best exercise. This is especially so if you are used to listening to music while you exercise. To most people, music inspires them as they exercise to the beats of the music.

Do you get exercise and feel like you should do more when your favorite music plays? Does slow music help you relax? From helping you relax and focus on motivating you to work harder, there are so many advantages of music when one is working out. Below are just a few:

Reduce the Feeling of Fatigue

When you are listening to music, your brain switches from focusing on the sensation of fatigue and instead focus on exercise. This is especially so when you are doing lower-intensity exercise. The distraction varies where some people might be distracted better than others as the fitness level of different people plays a role. However, music can help you push harder at the gym.

When you immerse your mind into the feeling of the music, you exercise harder.  

Music Arouses Your Brain

When music arouses the mind, you will have an increased state of energy. The music psyches you up making you perform better. There is a relationship between the auditory and the motor neurons which means that whatever you heat impacts how your body reacts.

Some forms of music are better at arousing the brain than others. However, it depends on the genre of music you prefer. If you love hard rock, you might be more aroused when hard rock plays. If you are into yoga and concentration exercises, slow music is the best. If you are at the range, the right ammo can make all the difference but music can make you concentrate better. When you combine the two and then get the right barrel choices for your 300 blackout, you will aim better and go home happier for the success.

Enhance Motor Coordination

When you play music, you will have a better motor and movement coordination. In most cases, you will tend to move to the beat of the music. If you are doing aerobics, you can work out for longer if you dance to the beat of the music. When you follow the beats, your self-confidence increases, and you associate exercise with a positive experience.

Relaxation and Music

If you work out while listening to music, you will experience less fatigue. According to research, the acidosis and the elevated levels of a hormone which cause fatigue are dampened when music plays. This way, you will exercise better and you will feel less fatigued after the exercise. Classical music and other forms of relaxation music are better at dampening the effects of fatigue.

What Affects Exercise in Music

When the music plays, speed and tempo are what affect your exercise more. You will engage in high-intensity exercise if you listen to high-speed songs. You start working out with slower songs and then increase the speed as you continue. If you are into relaxation exercise, slower music at around 100 BMP will be ideal for you. If you are weightlifting or doing general cardio, you can play the music that is between 128 and 135 bpm. For a warm-up, you can play the music that is between 120 and 126 bpm.

Fatigue vs Pain

While music can dampen fatigue and allow you to work harder at the gym, music will not dampen pain. If you feel a sharp, stabbing pain in any of your muscles, you need to consult a doctor for a checkup. If you are completely exhausted, you should take a rest or consult a medical professional for help.


When you are inspired, you are likely to exercise more and achieve your exercise goals fast. You can choose music based on the type of exercise you need. If you are looking to build muscles, hip hop, and rock might inspire you better. If you are relaxing in yoga and you need to concentrate, you can take the slowest music you can get.

It is best to create a workout playlist before you start exercising if you work out at home. If you work out at a public gym, you can only request the music you need and hope that other gym members will love your choices. However, some instructors already know the music to play for different groups.

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Randy Thomas

Published Date: July 27, 2020

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