Why Should Some Establishments Play Music In Toilet Rooms?

One of the most important things that every customer looks in a hotel or a mall is the kind of service they provide and establishments like hotels and malls must make sure that the customers are happy with their services. No business can survive for a long time if it is not able to make its customers happy. There are many things that an establishment can do to satisfy their customers and one of them is playing music in the toilet rooms.

Most of people judge the quality of the hotel or mall by the quality of their bathrooms and it is also important to ensure quality of toilet needs. So here are some reasons why some establishments should play music in their toilet rooms and how it can help set the vibe of the establishment.

1- Makes Them Fresh

This is one of the main reasons to play music in toilet rooms. Music helps in relaxation and it also relieves from stress and anxiety and while choosing music, choose the type that your customers would like, not what you want to hear. Apart from making them feel fresh, music is also useful to make customers feel comfortable in the toilet rooms.

2- Builds Connection

Music helps in engaging people and it also helps in building a connection. Not all of the hotels and malls play music in their toilet room so if you do it, then it develops a relationship between the customer and the place. Good music helps in building a connection. Another benefit of music is that 60% of people consume more food and drinks if they hear their music that they like.

3- Familiar Feeling

Most people do not get comfortable when visiting a hotel for the first and music is a great way to make them comfortable with the place. Silence in any hotel makes the full vibe of the hotel depressed and music helps in spreading the positive energy.

60 % of the people are more likely to visit the same hotels where they feel secure and comfortable, so if you can make them familiar with the place, and you can do that by playing music in the bathrooms. It can be very useful because the condition of the bathroom tells a lot about the quality of the establishment.

4- Increases the Ambiance

No matter how great you have decorated your establishments, music will enhance the overall ambiance of the place. Playing music in toilet rooms can help in setting the mood of energy and romance and music also gives exotic feeling to the customers.


These were some of the reasons why establishments like hotels and malls should play music in toilet rooms. One thing that every establishment should keep in mind is that they must play appropriate music depending on what the establishment is. Customers are more likely to go where they feel they are getting more value and good services. Another thing is that people get bore of the same things, so improvising your services with time is very important.

<h2>Randy Thomas<h2>

Randy Thomas

Published Date: November 8, 2019

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